Gas Heaters – the best pool heating solution

swimming pool heatersAre you planning to buy a swimming pool heater? Want to know which is best for you? You will find your answers here. This is basically a common problem for most of the people because there are various types of heaters available in the market today. You have electric heater, solar heater, gas pool heater, heat pumps and so on.

Among all the above, gas heaters are considered to be the best swimming pool heaters. Gas heaters produce heat either by natural gas or with the help of propane. Gas basically burns within a combustion chamber, which is made up of a series of copper coils. As and when the gas burns, water flows through these copper coils and heats up. Historically, gas heaters are used most widely. Although their popularity seems to be decreasing due to increase in gas prices, the efficiency of these gas pumps is unmatchable. Gas heaters are inexpensive and they operate independent of the temperature of the surrounding or the air and also they heat up the pool water very quickly.

One of the famous gas heaters available in the market is the “Heatseeker Genesis, Sta-Rite Gas Heater”. The Heatseeker Genesis is a small, compact, lightweight heater which is easier to install and use. The small and lightweight design of this heater helps in reducing equipment pads which will not intrude in the way of outdoor oasis. Thus, economy and comfort can go hand in hand. The system claims a complete pre-mixed system with very efficient gas and air mixture for fast heating. Heatseeker Genesis has digital display, hot surface ignition (no pilot light), push button controls, and LED indicator lights which makes it easier to operate and also monitor the heater. This heater is eco-friendly as it has been certified for low NOx emissions.

While buying a pool heater, calculate the surface area of the swimming pool in order to decide how many BTUs is required to warm your pool water. Usually, larger swimming pool heaters will warm up your water much faster and will also save on heater running cost. If you are looking for a heater to heat a pool with an attached spa, then you have to go with models more than 400K BTU. And if you are looking for a heater just for your pool then you can go down to almost 250K or 325K. Above the ground gas heaters are usually in the range of about 100K BTU. Basically, as mentioned earlier, larger pool heaters will heat up the water at a faster rate, and also operate less, resulting in saving some amount of energy. If you are not sure as to what size pool heater you need to buy, then you better take from an expert.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a swimming pool heater today and enjoy a relaxing and refreshing swim. Remember, buying a pool heater is big investment. So make sure you put your money into something worthwhile.

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