Good night and sleep well!

MattressesA good sleep at night plays a vital role towards revitalizing the mind, body and soul and a better lifestyle. So, the most regular part of furnishings that is used in the house is the mattress. Therefore, investing on a mattress and a pillow that improves comfort and health on the whole does make sense. However, very often, the importance of choosing the appropriate mattress for health and well being is never understood.

The price or brand does not decide a good quality mattress. Rather, it is the blend of the quality of materials, comfort, correct support balance and trained Health Care Experts to assess the support requirements. Most Australians don’t realize that the primary reason for not having a good night’s sleep lies right under their body. Sleeping atop a good mattress simply improves the quality of sleep.

Back to sleep is a company that is very serious about its mattress support. At back to sleep, a leading Melbourne Chiropractor’s dedication helps to make consumers aware in the significance of a good quality mattress. This includes the services on offer. The trained health care experts at back to sleep treat every consumer like a patient at the clinic. They are the best in their practice and specialists in mattresses.

Remember, through extensive research, the mattress ought to be changed after a 5 to 7 year period. This ensures the changes in the body are maintained and supported appropriately. So, in quest for the best guidance for changing the mattress, the back to sleep brand name is synonymous.  Considering the best position to sleep, the essential support that is needed for the body each night, on how to obtain the most likely rest, must never be an option. In relation to the spinal health, the location of the spine while one is asleep is crucial. Through advice from specialist’s health care experts, the back to sleep variety of pillows and mattresses is a combination of elements that are quality tested.

A number of years have been spent working with manufacturers, the top products and research and development teams that make sure the branded pillows and mattresses are of high quality standards and most suitable for the body’s support. The variety of mattresses includes Ultrashield. This is a non-invasive therapy which gets rid of mildew, fungus, dust mite allergens, mould, bacteria and dust mites. By not making it easy for the growth of dust mites, a healthy sleep environment is created by holding back the growth of fungus and bacteria. As a result, asthma and allergens are reduced considerably in the bed linen which makes breathing and rest easy.

The variety of mattresses bears the GECA tick mark. The products are certified foams in the product range. Right through the life-cycles, these products have gone through thorough and painstaking assessment by GECA where every product has to conform to each element of the GECA criterion. This results in a greener, cleaner and better quality foam right through the mattress range.

So, ensure a good night’s sleep and wake up fresh and bright every morning with a back to sleep mattress and pillow as well.

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