Howard Leight R-01526

If you’re searching for a pair of high quality sport earmuffs, then look no further than the Howard Leight R-01526 Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff. This is a product that is engineered and manufactured to have the ability to significantly block out surrounding and ambient noises up to a high degree of decibels. With a noise reduction rating of NRR 22, these are truly state of the art sport earmuffs that come complete with a host of additional features, functions, and accessories. Designed with a remarkably compact and low profile characteristic, these sport earmuffs are highly portable and easy to store, as well as being very lightweight and unobtrusive while being worn by their respective owner. While being some of the most impressively designed sport headphones in their class, they are also highly affordable as well. This combination has made the Howard Leight R-01526 sport headphones some of the higher selling models in their niche. In order to inform consumers about everything this high tech product has to offer, some of the product highlights and most relevant features will now be covered.

Product Specifications

As one of the more high tech sport headphone models, the Howard Leight R-01526 sport electronic earmuffs come standard with the capability to connect to external audio devices like MP3 players and different kinds of scanners. With this capability included in the sport earmuffs, they essentially becomes a “two-in-one” kind of product. This is true in the sense that they are at once both earmuffs, and also noise canceling headphones all in the same unit. Capability like this is not going to be found in many different variations of sport earmuffs, and for this reason this Howard Leight model is sought out quite frequently by consumers. Conversations and verbal command oriented dialogue can be amplified by using a single volume controlling knob, making hearing the people around you while still minimizing ambient noise a real technological possibility. This unit is equipped with a power conserving feature that automatically shuts off the device after a 4 hour increments, which is a great feature to have in order to make battery power last as long as possible.

Retail Price Ranging

The retail price range for this particular product is between fifty and seventy dollars on average, with the list price set at $73.23. For the money, these are truly a great value because of the way they offer the buyer an item that has many different purposes and functions as opposed to a sport earmuff that does not do anything except provide a rudimentary buffer against noise. Buying used or refurbished models is another option to consider, since doing so can potentially save a buyer up to 50% off or more from the original MSRP.

Additional Features

Some additional features corresponding to the Howard Leight R-01526 sport earmuffs include the ability to easily block out ambient noises up to approximately 82 decibels, as well as a folding system that allows for the already compact and sleek design to become even smaller and even more portable.