Lighting with LEDs

LED lampsLED lamps are becoming popular because of their advantages over traditional light bulbs and lamps used. ACELAMPS LED UK LTD is a leading designer and manufacturer of LED lamps in the field of modern LED technology and lighting systems. ACELAMPS LED UK LTD manufactures LED lamps in various forms like LED panels, LED reading lights, LED down lights. And various newer and better products are on its way to the market too. All the products of ACELAMPS LED UK LTD are divided into four main categories namely interior lighting, exterior lighting, commercial lighting and architecture lighting. Before knowing more about these products you should know about the LED technology and further the advantages and disadvantages of LED lamps made of LEDs.

What is LED?

The full form of LED is Light Emitting Diode. A Light Emitting Diode is basically a two lead semiconductor light source where a p-n junction diode is used. On the application of suitable voltage, free electrons present in the semiconductor fills up the electron holes producing energy in the form of photons. This very phenomenon is known as electroluminescence and the colour of the light produced depends on the energy band gap of the semiconductor. In modern era the application of LED is increasing day by day in various fields.

Now that you know the basics of a LED, the next question comes to your mind is what is LED lamp?

LED lamps are basically an arrangement of several LEDs into a lamp or light bulb.

The bulbs you might have used are mostly fluorescent lamps or incandescent lamps. However, LED lamps are rapidly taking over the market from these old traditional lamps or bulbs. So the obvious argument is why LED lamps are overtaking the market from these traditional old fluorescent or incandescent lamps? The answer to that is explained below.

  • The luminosity of LED lamps is a lot more than traditional incandescent lamps with the same amount of power input and this makes the LED lamps efficient over incandescent lamps.
  • LEDs can be used to produce a light of particular colour without using any additional colour filters, which in turn reduces the initial cost.
  • LED doesn’t require any additional time to warm up to give full brightness unlike fluorescent or incandescent lamps. This is why LEDs are preferred over other lamps in various indicators where faster and frequent on-off sequence is required.
  • The LEDs can be dimmed very easily either by reducing forward current to the diode or by modulating the pulse. This is another reason why the LED’s demand is rapidly increasing in car headlights.
  • Unlike other lamps LEDs radiate very little heat in Infrared form reducing damage to the sensitive objects and fabrics. It also makes it efficient in terms of energy.
  • Another important advantage of LEDs is their 2-3fold longer useful lifetime than other fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs or lamps.
  • LEDs being solid state devices can tolerate external forces but fluorescent and incandescent bulbs are fragile.
  • LEDs are assembled to form a LED lamp. The lights from a LED, or LED lamps, are easy to focus on a particular object whereas incandescent or fluorescent lights require an external device to focus the light on a particular object.

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