Wagner Paint Sprayer

For a paint sprayer unit that can accommodate even the toughest and biggest of jobs, the ProCoat Airless Wagner Paint Sprayer is a great product option to select. This is a fairly heavy duty model that is easily capable of taking a fair amount of use and abuse in the course of its operation. With a ruggedly designed commercial grade sprayer and a reversible airless spray tip, this is truly a state of the art paint sprayer model that can offer its buyer years of reliable service. For everything that this model is equipped with, it is very affordable for most consumers to purchase compared to certain other higher priced models available on today’s paint sprayer market. In order to further inform consumers about this versatile paint sprayer by Wagner, some of its prominent characteristics and features will now be presented.

Mechanical Specifications

The ProCoat Airless Wagner Paint Sprayer is equipped with a 2,800 PSI electrically powered piston-pump operated paint sprayer complete with a 1/2-horsepower motor. This provides any users of this product with exceptional power and capability when painting large areas. In addition, the high levels of power that are present in this particular model allow it to spray a gallon of paint every five minutes, regardless of the type of paint being sprayed. Oil based paints, latex paints, different kinds of stains, and sealers are all acceptable kinds of materials to be used in this paint sprayer model. This Wagner paint sprayer comes standard with a a twenty five foot long airless high pressure spraying hose as well as a handle that can be used for quick and easy transportation around a work cite.

Retail Pricing

The ProCoat paint sprayer by Wagner retails at around two hundred dollars, with $199.00 being the average price when a wide variety of retail outlets are considered. In addition to having new units available for consumers to purchase, customers will also tend to have access to used and refurbished models as well for a lesser rate. Sometimes buying used turns out to be a smarter decision economically speaking, since a used model will often function at a very similar level to a new model. It all comes down to the specific preferences of the individual, but when buying used it is very important that the used machinery be thoroughly tested for potential defects or malfunctions before any transactions are completed.

Additional Features

Some of the additional features associated with this Wagner paint sprayer model are its ability to support up to a .015 spray tip that is airless, and this unit also supports a gun swivel for buyers who would prefer to operate on that platform. The warranty offered with this particular model is good for one whole year, and can help to replace certain parts or, if need be, the entire unit if it proves to be defective or problematic in some way. When using a paint sprayer, there is a fair amount of other products that will likely need to be purchased separately, such as spray gun filters and paint respirators.