Wagner Power Roller

For an electric paint roller unit that will allow for maximum painting productivity, the Spray Tech Wagner Power Roller Max is a great product option to consider. This is a light weight and highly portable unit that is perfect for any home improvement enthusiast or even more regular painters, and offers its user a high efficiency outlet for evenly and smoothly applying coats of paint to a wide variety of different surfaces. There are so many different kinds of paint and types of painting jobs that an individual can find themselves faced with, and for this reason the Spray Tech Wagner Power Roller is a perfect product solution that can truly boost the amount of work that an individual painter can do. Also, when using this kind of electric automated paint roller the amount of fatigue and muscle strain that an individual may be faced during extensive painting work is minimized significantly. This can be a big help on painting jobs that are relatively long term projects. In order to tell consumers more about this great product from Wagner, some of its primary characteristics and qualities will now be discussed briefly.

Mechanical Specifications

This electrically powered paint roller by Wagner is powered from a 120v source which is easily strong enough to take on virtually any painting task with incredible ease. The 120v motor is capable of generating variable speeds of operation. This feature gives the paint roller the ability to move more quickly over wide open areas, and more slowly and carefully when maneuvering around more tight or compact areas that are being painted. This unit is capable of generating a rate of painting that is roughly 53 square feet per minute, representing one of the most efficient rates of any automated paint roller that is currently in production today by any brand or manufacturer.

Retail Price Ranging

The typical retail price ranging for the Spray Tech Wagner Paint Roller is around ninety to one hundred dollars, though the list price is around $149.00. For this price, it is very much worth it to spend the extra money on an electrically automated roller instead of a manual one that is typically not going to be as productive, convenient, or easy to use overall. To save significant amounts of money when buying this product, buying a used or refurbished model could be a smart decision to make. When buying used or refurbished, a customer can typically save about 50% of the paint roller’s list price. However, it is always necessary to thoroughly test out a used model and all of its components before ever completing a transaction.

Additional Features

This paint roller model by Wagner is composed of 10% metal parts, 75% plastic, 10% polyester fiber, and 5% of other miscellaneous fibers. It is composed of high grade materials, and is built to last a long time. Fast and simple cleaning up is what this unit is designed for, and it features a corner pad, trim pad, extensions, roller covers, and more when you buy this outstanding electric paint roller by Wagner.