What is a memory foam mattress?

memory foam mattressAre you among them who are spending nights by counting sheep? Do you wake up with a pain in your body? Well, if you are then may be a memory foam mattress will cure all your problems in a bit. Its unique design will support all your vital points and will help you in a comfortable night’s-rest. As the name suggests they are specialised in memorising the posture and the type of your body. According to that, it will mould itself without any problem. After use, they regain their shape again. They are originated by NASA in a space travel. Choosing a mattress can be a hard job, so you can use this memory foam mattress reviews as your guide.


Memory foam:

It’s very important to know what memory foam is before trying it out. It is a form of polyurethane which also has some chemicals. Theses chemicals are added to increase the thickness of the mattress. This high density material will get soft as soon as a warm body will rest on it. The memory foam will mould in that shape and will support the body to relax down easier. When the body will get up, then the memory foam will quickly regain its original shape. So this feature of memory foam will improve the position of an individual during their sleep.


Always keep in mind the following factors before buying a memory mattress:

  • The cost of the mattress is matching your budget or not
  • Type of mattress
  • Memory foam density: Low density for warmer place and high density for heavier person.
  • Thickness of each layer of the mattress
  • Firmness: Depending upon your choice.
  • Responsiveness: It is basically the ability to regain its shape. It affects the temperature of the mattress i.e. a high responsive mattress will result in a cooler bed.

Types of memory mattress:

Generally there are only three types of memory foam mattress, which is:

  1. Traditional: Most popular types of mattress in which the part which is contact with a warm body will soften.
  2. Organic: It is a very environment friendly option of the traditional mattress.
  3. Gel infused: In this type of mattress, a layer of gel is provided inside the mattress. This gel cools the temperature of the body and adjusts it.

Features of the best mattress:

  • It should have a good quality of the top and core material.
  • Can’t be twisted over, but is easy to flip around.
  • Manageable
  • Thickness of the layers: It is important with respect to the life span and the comfort level of the mattress.

Health benefits:

There are many advantages of the memory foam mattress. You can easily spot a difference in your sleeping position after one day of using this mattress. Some of the advantages of this mattress are given below:

  1. It will decrease the transfer of motion. As a result of this, you will not be disturbed by any kind of motion which is going beside you.
  2. Good for those people who faces allergy because it is anti-dust and anti-microbial in nature. This will allow the person to breathe freely during his/her sleep.
  3. It increases blood circulation, promotes good spinal alignment and reduces the soreness of the back. It is excellent choice for those people who face back pain very often because it will support the pressure points of the joints.

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