Do We Mean 50 Yards?

From the original Glock 17, the company now offers twenty-six handguns on the U. S. police forces, including the San Francisco Police Department, and are acceptable carry pistols for the New York and Houston police departments. Like most gun manufacturers Sig Sauer produces its own version of the 1911. Sig Sauer recently won the contract for the U. S. Army’s new M17 handgun.

It certainly meets all your scope needs for every situation. However, the off-putting thing about this scope is its price. Retailing at the $2000 mark, it is a serious scope for serious shooters. Of course, this scope is worth it, but there are many more reasonably priced scopes that do a great job for half the price or less.

Other Notable ModelsIf you’re into this game, you should also know other top players manufacturing quality scopes like Leupold, Steiner Optics, Osprey, Quigley-Ford, Tracking Point, Zeiss, Athlon Optics, Trijicon, Huskemaw, and Thompson Center. What Exactly is a Long Range Scope? What do we think of when we use the words “long range”?

Do we mean 50 yards? 100 yards?What about 500 yards? In order to understand what we mean by long range, we need to think about what type of scopes we’re referring to. It’s probably best to judge a scope on the distance when the iron sights are no longer effective when shooting.

Most experts consider 300 yards to be the distance point when we begin to talk about long range scopes. As for the maximum? You can’t really put a number on it like you can do on a golf range finder, but there are some long range scopes that will reach 1000 yards.

So, a long range scope, therefore, is one that can hit a target of at least 300 yards well but you should also be able to go further than that. For a scope to be effective at distances like these, it will need some extra features.

For the entry level shooters, an extended range scope should have 10 power at least with good optics and parallax focus. It should also have a BDC reticle and turret adjustments. Some would argue that you need to spend the same amount as you did when buying your rifle!

However, there are so many things to consider when choosing a long-range scope and scope quality is increasing all the time and prices are much more reasonable than they used to be. Instead, it’s advisable to just buy the best long range rifle scope that you can afford.