This FEATOL Belly Band Holster Certainly Looks Impressive

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The larger barrel area will ensure a perfect fit with full-sized pistols, right down to the subcompact category. This Ghost Concealment belly band holster is something to consider if you want to remain stealthy and keep your weapons out of view of opponents. This user-friendly holster is incredibly safe, convenient and allows for unrestricted access to your weapon when you need to be quick on the draw.

The release has been strategically placed over the barrel itself, allowing for a much easier time of things when it comes to retrieving your weapon. This belly band holder does not disappoint in terms of wearing comfort. The ventilated material will ensure good levels of airflow, while the fabric itself is soft to the touch.

This one-size-fits-all holster should also suit the needs of any user, provided your waist size is 40 inches or less. You have a wide variety of carrying options with this holster. This quality holster is made from heavy-duty elastic for a better fit, while rip-tape closure means your weapon will kept firmly in place for the duration of a game.

This holster includes two ambidextrous slots, with one slot suitable for larger pistols including semi-automatic handgun frames, and the other ideal for housing smaller weapons like revolvers. This holster also includes a 6-inch storage pocket for housing things like spare magazines, cash, cards and small documents.

The discreet design of this holster will prove a good solution for those who want to conceal their side arm as much as possible. The low-profile most comfortable belly band holster for women mean it can be worn underneath clothing with ease, with no awkward elements that might snag on fabric or cause an issue when it comes to drawing your weapon.

The soft material makes it incredibly comfortable to wear, even the holster is fully loaded with equipment and firmly pressed against the body. The lightweight material used here is breathable to ensure minimal sweating, keeping your skin dry and as comfortable as possible. Add to Wish List Add to Compare.

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Check items to add belly band holster large the cart or select all. My Wish List. Last Added Items. Add to Cart Add to Cart. Remove This Item. Go to Wish List. Here you will find the best in the galaxy. Our belly band holster system allows you to continue to carry during exercise, such as jogging, lifting, trail running, biking or belly band ccw holster other active pursuit.